Talking About My Lifestyle by Introducing My Cookware

I like cooking. And as I mentioned in several earlier posts, I only have a few pieces of cookware. I don’t have any cookware that many people have, such as a microwave, an oven, a toaster, a rice cooker, a non-stick pan, or a sandwich maker.

So today, I’ll talk about my lifestyle by introducing my cookware. I think my cookware is one of the symbols of my simple life. And I now live with the freedom not to do anything disgusting. If we want to live freely and stop doing something disgusting, my simple lifestyle might help us.

My cookware

I only have the cookware related to adding heat as follows:

  • An electric stovetop
  • A pot
  • A cast-iron pan (a skillet)
  • A pressure cooker

Let me talk about each of them below!

An electric stovetop

This is the only heat source. This is a double induction cooktop.

One of my lifestyle goals is to avoid duplicating functions. For example, if I want a slow cooker, I can substitute my electric stovetop and my pot. Electric stovetops usually have a timer. If I want a grill or griddle, I can substitute my electric stovetop and my skillet.

In these cases, the heat sources of a slow cooker and an electric grill are unnecessary. If I buy them, it means paying more for the unused function. Instruments with a single function are hard to break. But tools with multiple functions are easy to break. That gives me peace of mind that I can use them for a long time at a low cost.

So my only heat source is this stovetop. Of course, managing crises such as power outages is another thing. I also store a gas stove for emergencies. But unless it is an emergency, I don’t touch it.

A pot

I usually eat soups with this pot. Because I have had a weak liver since birth. And soups are good for my liver. On the other hand, foods cooked at high temperatures easily damage my liver. So I seldom eat fried foods and stir-fried foods. I eat fried foods less than once a year, especially.

If I want to eat stir-fried dishes, I make dense soup as a substitute. I can reduce the water amount and add starch to thicken it. Many stir-fried recipes are often such liquid dishes. So I can enjoy it with almost the same taste.

A cast-iron pan (a skillet)

I also use a skillet. This is an 18cm (7 inches), heavy skillet. I used to use it a lot. But after I realized my weak liver several years ago, I only use this for baking bread and grilling meats.

A pressure cooker

I have a pressure cooker. This is a specialized tool to make a good soup. If we use a pressure cooker, we can make the hard meat tender and delicious. In addition, we can save money on electricity bills.

But sometimes, I use this not only for cooking soups but also as a second pot.

Use a few things well

I like to use a few things deeper than various things superficially. Perhaps I want to make things simple. Complex things make me tired.

Some people tend to consider many things, worry easily, and want to concentrate on one thing without worrying, like me. In such a case, simple thinking would help us.

If we make things simpler, we can make decisions and changes easier. I think if we have the skills to live with even one emergency backpack, it will bring us great relief because we understand that we can live without doing something disgusting.

And I think this style makes our basic power to live. The more we need complex things, the weaker we might be in our basic lives.


So I talked about my lifestyle by introducing my cookware.

Recently, I realized that we can live even if we have fewer things. Simple living gives us a peaceful mind and easy lives.

If we want to live freely and stop doing something disgusting, a simple lifestyle might help us.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.