Maybe the More Creative We Become, the More “Admired People for Someone” We Become

Today, I’m going to talk about our mental growth. I think that the more creative we become, the more “admired people” we become. If we understand this, we might have more satisfaction and confidence.

How to feel the value of creation

Not so long ago, I saw a person who lost his confidence. He seemed exhausted from his attempt to sell more. And he doubted the value of his products and the life of creation. He wanted to be one of the “admired people” for someone. But he seemed not to be able to feel such satisfaction.

Sometimes we might have such feelings, such as losing confidence in our products or ourselves. In particular, when our products didn’t sell as well as we had hoped. Or when other competitors’ products sold far better than we had thought.

In other words, when we get involved in competition or comparison, I think that we tend to lose our confidence to create.

But I also think that the more creative we become, the more “admired people” we become.

So today, I’m going to talk about one of the creative minds that I like. This logic might give us satisfaction and confidence to create.

“Admired people” for us

To explain that, let me talk about myself. When I was younger, I was fascinated by a lot of creative works and their creators.

For example, when I was in kindergarten, I saw a TV program that introduced how to make hand-crafted toys for children. The host of the program crafts various toys. The materials are our daily garbage, such as old newspapers, plastic cups of food, egg containers, and so on. But that garbage turns into wonderful toys, such as paper dolls, animals, cars, airplanes, and some moving gimmicks or games with them.

That touched my heart. Because he makes them so easily and joyfully. “He is a magician!” I felt. And I also dreamed, “If I can make those toys, my life will be wonderful. Because I will be surrounded by so many fantastic toys!”

When I was in elementary school, I was carried away to wonderful worlds by fantasy stories. Although these worlds were often hard environments for the heroes, every hero overcame many troubles with their courage or wisdom. I was obsessed with such a life.

After I entered university, I was hooked on self-help and psychology books. I received a lot of hope and wisdom from many successful people.

I loved and admired all of these products and their creators. They are still an important part of me.

Becoming a part of life

By the way, I also watch several blogs or YouTube channels now. Some of them are major ones, but some of them are minor ones.

But these minor blogs or channels are also an important part of my life. Because their products have become seeds or soil in me. Value is value, even if it is a minor one. And these soils help to grow my life.

And the reverse would also be true. Our products or words might become someone’s soil, even if these are minor. We are creating what we value. I believe that this way of life would help someone, especially someone like us. That feeling gives me satisfaction and the confidence to create. It doesn’t matter if it’s major or minor.

Perhaps we would have experienced small triggers that changed our lives. For example, a minor band’s song might have saved our minds. Some of the hero’s words in the story might have given us great courage. Someone’s little encouragement might have given us hope.

I think that “admiration” means “becoming part of their lives.” Even if we didn’t have any gratitude messages yet, our products could be a trigger. In other words, we can make some seeds. These seeds grow in other people’s soils. And sometimes, it would produce many harvests in the future.

The TV program about crafting toys I watched was for children. Someone might think that was worthless. But that program became the seed of my creation. I still love and admire it. Even if many people said it was worthless, I love it.

The cycle of admiration

I believe that that also applies to us. When one person values some of our products, it is valuable for the person. Even if many people said it was worthless.

Perhaps we are in such a cycle of admiring someone and being admired by someone. We admired many products and creators when we were children. Those became seeds in our minds. And after we grew up, we would create something. That becomes someone’s seed.

I think that this process occurs frequently without any awareness. We began to create something for ourselves. We create things for the sake of our joy or hope. But at the same time, these products are becoming part of someone’s life. Someone might get relaxed with our products. Someone might be affected by our way of life. Then we realize that we changed someone’s life. In other words, we have transformed into a person we once admired.

Our products would improve someone’s life. Because “creation” means “a solution to some problems.” So when we become creative, we solve some problems in our lives. That could also help someone solve the same problem.

I think that that is a “creative life.” Our creation would be someone’s seeds or soil. It would remain, even if it seemed minor.


So I think that the more creative we become, the more “admired people” we become.

It doesn’t matter if it’s major or minor. Because it could become someone’s seed. We are creating what we value. It could become someone’s part of life.

If we understand this, we might have more satisfaction and confidence to create.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.