Why Baking Bread Was an Impressive Experience for Me

These days, I’m trying to bake bread. And that was an impressive experience for me. So today, I’m going to talk about it. Today’s article is about my daily feelings.

My first baking bread experience

As I mentioned above, I’ve been trying to bake bread these days. The trigger was my experience making yogurt. That gave me more curiosity about basic cooking in our daily lives.

My first attempt at baking bread was impressive to me. Because baking bread had been completely out of my world.

My thoughts on baking bread

We often have strange feelings for a person who has a special skill that is entirely unfamiliar to us.

For example, assume that we cannot draw pictures at all. And we meet a person who effortlessly draws wonderful pictures. At such a time, we would have complex feelings, such as excitement, envy, and wonder.

The person lives with a completely different sense of daily life. We cannot imagine how the person feels. Sometimes we might feel that “this person may have been born on another planet.” We have such “out of our world” feelings at such a time.

Baking bread was it for me. I used to think that people who could bake bread were particularly talented. It is allowed only for professionals or highly skilled people. Or some factory can bake it. In other words, I thought that “bread is natural to buy. I will never be able to eat it if I don’t buy it.”

Of course, I was able to cook easy bread, such as flatbread, hotcakes, or tortillas. But baking with yeast had been completely out of my world.

The taste of my first bread

By the way, I don’t have not only an oven but also a microwave or toaster. I only have a cast-iron pan (a skillet), a stainless steel pot, a pressure cooker, and an electric cooktop. It’s a simple environment. So baking bread needed to be creative for me.

At such a time, I baked my very first bread with yeast. To be honest, it was partially a failure. I tried to bake a French baguette, but my baked one looked bad. That was still white and had not been raised well. But the moment I took a bite, I felt, “This is a baguette! Its appearance is bad. But it tastes exactly like a baguette!”

That was the moment that my “limited world” was broken. Until that moment, baking bread was like another world for me. Without any suspicion, I assumed it was another world that I would never touch in my life. But now, I’m living in a world I never prospected.

And I noticed that maybe this is one of the feelings of “freedom from limited thinking.” We are living in a limited world. However, there are many new worlds that we have yet to encounter. These are around us. We have seen these worlds frequently. But we are simply unaware of it yet.


So baking bread was an impressive experience for me. This is like an “aha moment.” That gave me the feeling of freedom, hope, and joy.

Through this experience, I have come to feel that there are a lot of undiscovered treasures around us. Only we don’t notice. We have already seen it.

If we have this feeling, we might be able to notice new possibilities.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.