“Living While Traveling” Is My Favorite Feeling in My Life

Let’s talk about my favorite lifestyle. I like the feeling of living while traveling.

Crafting with cardboard

These days, I often craft something with cardboard. As I’ve mentioned often, I’m fascinated with organizing my kitchen and pantry these days. And I used cardboard boxes as organizers.

I like crafting something with cardboard. Because cardboard is easy to get, cut and paste, and throw away after it becomes unnecessary. It becomes weak if it gets wet, but it is convenient material to make some containers. Especially if it is used with fabrics, it looks beautiful.

We can make various organizers and small tables with cardboard. For example, the side table of my bed is made of cardboard. It’s simply a small cardboard box covered with a hemp tablecloth. But it works well because I put only lightweight things on it, such as a small clock, a notepad, and a pen. And it looks natural and beautiful.

Another example: I made a trash box with cardboard. Nobody cares because I put it behind a curtain on a shelf. I also made many things, such as small shelves, heat shields for windows, a heat shield box for a pot, a table for drying vegetables, and, of course, pantry organizers.

If I bought them, they would cost a lot. But I made them for free, or for the cost of the fabric and some paper tape.

The feeling of living while traveling

By the way, there is a reason that I favor such crafting with cardboard. The main reason is that I like the feeling of living while traveling. Perhaps “migrating” is more precise.

I love creating something new freely. In other words, I love developing new frontiers rather than maintaining social systems. If I were told by others, “You should do the same thing in the same place throughout your lifetime,” I would despair. I have such a characteristic. I’d like to develop new values or concepts one after another. Perhaps that is the most fun thing in my life so far.

So I value creation and freedom. The new creation that solves my wishes or problems fulfills me. In addition, if I found new resolutions, people who have the same wishes or problems as me would also be glad. I think that that is the most meaningful thing in my life.

Ease of changing our lifestyle

In the case of such a lifestyle, I want to change my lifestyle more and more. Because developing a new frontier means making a new lifestyle to fit the place. And after I establish one frontier, I come to desire to go to another. In other words, I want to live as lightly as possible.

So cardboard materials are important. If we use it for my organization, we can easily throw it away and move. It’s one of the withdrawal benefits. Ease of withdrawal is important for staying creative, as is discovering new interests.

I like wooden materials for the same reason. I can easily cut them and throw them away. My desk and my bed are wooden. That makes me more relaxed.

The cardboard organizers make me feel like traveling or migrating. When I see the cardboard organizers, I always feel like they are telling me, “You are living here temporarily.” We cannot live forever. Our lives have time limits. So I want to “travel” to new frontiers to create my life.


So I like the feeling of living while traveling. I want to change my lifestyle easily.

In such a lifestyle, I think that organizing with cardboard works well. Because it’s easy to make and throw away. That allows me to change my life easily.

If we understand this feeling, we may be able to create our joyful lives easier.

Thank you for reading. We’ll see you in the next article.