The Necessary Things in My Life Were Fewer Than I Had Thought

Let’s talk about my lifestyle. I felt that the necessary things in my life were fewer than I had thought.

Organizing the pantry was amazing

I have organized my pantry these days. Several weeks ago, I experienced unexpected snowy weather. At that time, I felt the necessity of more preparation for unforeseen events. And my pantry was so messy, so I organized it.

The result was amazing! It’s still around 80% complete now. But I already felt lighter, not only in my pantry but also in my life.

This organizing work gave me some impressive realizations. One of them was that I realized that the necessary things in my life were fewer than I had thought.

Managing in smaller areas

After I organized my pantry well, I noticed that organizing makes things manageable in smaller areas. I felt there were a lot of things in my pantry before organizing. But after doing that, I felt there was not so much.

I think this is the same logic as travel packing. When we travel somewhere, we pack the necessary things in our backpacks. And after we arrive at the hotel and take out the things from our backpacks, the table will soon be messy with our things. This is the same as that phenomenon. Sorted packing results in fewer required spaces.

I was surprised by the small amount of space required. What I did was only sort and put things in each cardboard box. But after I did that, I felt as if the pantry had expanded. Till then, I had just piled a lot of things on the floor of the pantry. That made me feel cluttered and in need of more space.

Basic things and non-basic ones

After that, I also began to organize my kitchen. That pantry’s organizing brought me powerful joy. When I am motivated, I want to do that more and more. That’s one of my characteristics.

So, in my kitchen, I separated what I use frequently from everything else. I noticed that there are a lot of spares that I won’t be using anytime soon. I began to carry them to the pantry.

As a result, I realized that the necessary things were far fewer than I had thought. My kitchen became clear. I felt the kitchen was simple and easy to do anything in. Maybe the simple environment gives us more motivation to create. And maybe separating basic tools from non-basic tools reduces our confusion about life.

Our basic needs are not numerous

I believe that our basic needs are not numerous. The safe place to sleep, the clothes that keep us warm, and daily food and water—I think that kind of thing. Some people travel around the world only with a small backpack.

In other words, if we add something, we need more things to manage it. That makes our lives complex. Sometimes, these things make us confused. Because we have a lot of things to maintain. And we cannot distinguish what is more important in our lives. I think that that prevents our lives from changing in many cases.

But if we organize well, we can change our lives easily. As I mentioned in an earlier post, simplicity makes our lives easy. It’s like traveling. Good travel packing with a few carefully chosen items allows us to move easily.


So I felt that the necessary things in my life were fewer than I had thought.

I think that our basic needs are not numerous. I realized it through organizing my pantry.

If we understand this feeling, we might reduce the confusion and change our lives more easily.

Thank you for reading. See you in the next article.