Let’s Find the Logic That Fulfills Us


Hello, I’m Ayaémon Nakamura. I’m living in Japan.

I started blogging on this website.

The main focus of this blog is my curiosities. I’ll write about my new finds for the world and our inner world.

I like finding new logic and mechanisms. In other words, I like simplifying concepts in a confusing situation.

That’s really fun for me. It gives me the excitement of “awakened to truth”, such as “Aha!” moment.

Logic saved my life

I like logic. Because logic saved my life.

Sometimes we have trouble in our lives. Especially when we were born with unusual characteristics. We don’t know how to use them, and we cannot do the same with our surroundings.

In addition, we may get a big mind problem in our early days. We may get traumatic learnings from our parents or surroundings.

These things cause us a lot of difficulties in our lives.

At such a time, logic saved me. I got many hopes, dreams, meanings, joys, and possibilities. I got them from many books and articles.

The goal of this blog

The goal of this blog is to find or create more logic that makes us fulfilled. I’ll be able to fulfill my curiosity, and to be more satisfied with my life.

Then I want to share the logic with you. Especially if you have unique personality such as creativity, own values, and high level of sympathy.

So far, I’m going to update this blog once every 3-4 days. After I get used to writing, I want to speed up little by little.

I hope you have a good time reading this blog.

So, let’s find the new logic that fulfills us.

December 10, 2022. Ayaémon Nakamura.