The Meditative Ability: It Is One of the Attractiveness That Empathic, Innovative People Have

Recently, I have been talking about the attractiveness of our personalities. Today, I will explain why meditative ability is a fascination that empathic, innovative people have.

What is our attractiveness?

Sometimes, we want to know our attractiveness, especially when we don’t know our talents or possibilities.

One of the typical odd personalities is empathy accompanied by creativity. It often exhausts us in our social lives. Empathy gives us unnecessary others’ negative emotions. The desire for improvement stresses our surroundings because they don’t want to change. Those useless desires strain us mentally.

That often makes us want to have a peaceful mind. To obtain it, we sometimes wish to let go of such a personality and live only now, like our surroundings.

Knowing why we have such a personality will give us peace of mind, without denying it. In other words, we don’t have to live now. Our meditative ability substitutes for it.

Today, I will explain one of the attractiveness of our personality. It is an ability of meditation. This knowledge might help us use our personality efficiently.

The four types of personalities

To explain it, let me introduce the four types of personalities that I frequently use, as shown in the following image:

We classify our personalities by two axes. One axis is highly empathic or not. The other is that they like to follow social traditions or modify their lifestyles to be more effective.

The four kinds of sense

In other words, we could have at least two of the four kinds of senses based on our personalities. They are competition, sociality, empathy, and logic. It is as shown in the following image:

We focus on empathy and logic in this article. Meditation involves those two elements.

The meditational style for each personality

There are four types of personalities. I will explain them from the perspective of meditation. It is as follows:

  • Extroverts: People who can only do physical meditation. Instead of meditation, they live only now without feeling fear of the future. That gives them peace of mind.
  • Traditional empaths: People who can do physical and empathic meditation. In a confused era, they try to get logical meditation like innovative empaths.
  • Innovative empaths: People who can do all styles of meditation: physical, empathic, and logical meditation. They are the ones who can meditate the most. Instead of living only now, they meditate. That gives them calm.
  • Innovators: People who can do physical and logical meditation. In a confused era, they try to get empathic meditation like innovative empaths.

Let’s talk about meditation in more detail below.

Two directions to having a peaceful mind

We have two directions to have peace of mind, as follows:

  • Living only now: It is comfortable during a stable period, but we cannot avoid worry or confusion during the confused era.
  • Meditation: Although it requires independence, we can have peace of mind, even during a confused era.

In other words, meditation is a substitute for living only now. It suits innovative empaths.

Three kinds of meditation

There are three kinds of meditation, in my opinion. They are as follows:

  • Physical meditation
  • Empathic meditation
  • Logical meditation

What is physical meditation?

First, physical meditation is a meditation that brings peace of mind when we move our bodies.

For example, our worries often go away when we exercise comfortably. Exercise, such as walking or jogging, makes our brains put more weight on physical movements and less on thoughts. In addition, it releases excitatory hormones in our brains to revitalize the body. That refreshes our minds.

However, it doesn’t last long. In addition, we cannot exercise all day. In other words, it is a short-term meditation.

What is empathic meditation?

Second, empathic meditation is a meditation that uses our imagination.

This is the general meditation—staying quiet, closing our eyes, regulating our breathing, imagining distractions disappearing, and having a calm mind.

Highly empathic people can do this because their imagination influences their mental state. For example, if we remember a sad situation, we can feel it deeply. If we have too high empathy and use it too much, we sometimes find it hard to let go of that emotion. That is why we often want to avoid unnecessary negative thoughts.

In other words, an empty imagination gives us peace of mind.

In empathic meditation, we don’t imagine happiness. We imagine emptiness because we sometimes use empathy too much. That makes us too sensitive toward emotional events and exhausts us. Imagining emptiness allows our empathy to rest in such a case.

What is logical meditation?

Finally, logical meditation is meditation when we concentrate on creation.

When we think logically, we focus on it. We eliminate our emotions naturally. That gives us a peaceful mind. Logical thinking limits all emotional movements, including fear, worry, pleasure, or happiness.

Innovative people are good at this because they can think logically. Creation is one of the typical activities that uses logic. There are many creations, such as programming, creating new tactics, explaining something in an easy-to-understand manner, or thinking about more efficient ways based on new reasons.

The meditation style of innovative empaths

Innovative empaths can use all of those meditational styles. That is why meditation is suitable for us, innovative empaths. It substitutes for living only now.

For example, assume we are walking along a quiet seaside. At first, we can calm our minds with the natural scenery. It is empathic meditation. Then, after a few minutes, we can empty our minds as the body revitalizes. It is physical meditation. We can also think about our creation. That is logical meditation. We can change these styles at our will.

It gives us long-term mental calmness. If we live independently in a quiet place, we can meditate all day. We can do it through many activities, such as cooking, cleaning, eating, creating, or walking.

This gives us a peaceful mind, especially during the confusing era. We can predict future troubles and create countermeasures. We can use logical meditation in that process. After finding a way to deal with the future, we can relax. It is empathic meditation. Although it tends to be a useless worry during a stable period, it works well during a turbulent era.

Perhaps this is the ideal mental state for innovative empaths. Meditating all day through various activities brings us complete peace of mind.

The main purpose of meditation for other personalities

Traditional empaths envy us because they cannot have a logical meditation. Their circumstances easily influence their minds. Logical meditation is not affected by them. It allows us to meditate even in emotionally confused situations.

In other words, they depend on other powers that bring them a peaceful mind, such as meditation buddies, religious groups, spiritual places, aromas, power stones, or spiritual items. They are things to support their empathic meditation.

Innovators also envy us because they cannot have empathic meditation.

They wish for spiritual patience to prepare for the future, as I mentioned in the previous article (this article). That drives them to meditate. Perhaps that is the purpose of their meditation.


The above is why meditative ability is a fascination that innovative empaths have.

Meditation will be a substitute for living only now. We don’t have to let go of our personality.

This knowledge might help us use our personalities efficiently.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next article.