Another Example of Empathic, Innovative People’s Attractiveness: Cultivators in Chinese Comics

Recently, I have been thinking about our personalities. Today, I will introduce a new example of empathic, innovative people’s attractiveness.

What is our fascination?

Sometimes, we want to know our attractiveness, especially if we have strange natures. We cannot do the same thing as our surroundings. In addition, we don’t know what kind of work or lifestyle suits us.

One of the iconic odd natures is creativity with empathy. We don’t know how to deal with it because it is a minority. If you like this blog, you might have it.

It often impacts our social lives negatively. We might overthink, worry about the future too much, be mentally weak, find it hard to work as an employee, or not be good at doing the same thing.

However, every personality has attractiveness. We have it.

Today, I will introduce a new example of people who envy our strange personalities. It might give us confidence and tips for a comfortable lifestyle.

The four types of personalities

To explain it, I will introduce the four types of personalities that I often use, as shown in the following image:

The tendency of each personality

We classify our personalities into four, as follows:

  • Extroverts: The most basic personality and the majority. They do the same thing as their surroundings, competitively. They have less individuality.
  • Traditional empaths: The personality with added empathy to the personality of extroverts. Empathy gives them additional features, such as feeling others’ emotions, considering weak people, emotional imagination, or preparing for the future. However, they cannot adapt to new situations due to their lack of creativity.
  • Innovative empaths: The personality with added empathy and creativity to the personality of extroverts. They are the most all-around, except for being patient in society. That makes them want to live as hermits in a quiet place. They can live longer even if they are secluded because they can prepare for the future and have the creativity to adapt to new situations.
  • Innovators: The personality with added creativity to the personality of extroverts. Creativity gives them the ability to adapt to new situations. However, they cannot prepare for the future due to a lack of empathy. A lack of empathy prevents them from being anxious about the future and makes them live only now.

The concept of cultivators in China

Usually, people want to be the majority of society during a stable period. On the other hand, they want special talents to change their lives during a confused era.

One of the typical examples is the concept of cultivator in China or East Asia. Cultivators (修者 xiūzhě, 修仙者 xiūxiānzhě) are people who want to become Immortal (仙 xiān) which is a superhuman with godhood. You can find them in recent Chinese comics or fantasy games.

Immortal is a metaphor that implies the innovative empath’s personality. For example, they are secluded in the mountains. They don’t like being a part of human society. They live long, sometimes thousands of years. They have special powers and techniques. They understand the structure of the universe through Daoism. On top of that, they can control Qi (气), the spiritual energy.

Daoism is a way of thinking for innovative empaths. If you are interested in it, try checking it out. It tells us a way to use empathy and creativity. Perhaps you will feel an affinity for it.

The similarity with elves

Interestingly, there is a similarity between the Immortals and the elves. I introduced the concept of an elf in an earlier post (this article). Elves are one of the metaphors for the innovative empath’s personality. Although they are in different cultures and areas, they have similarities.

They are distant from human society, live thousands of years, are skilled, and can control spiritual powers.

Innovative empaths, the symbol of the confused era

The cultivators in Chinese stories are often innovative people. They are less empathic but have special skills. Then, they try to become Immortals through their training, called cultivation. Cultivation is mainly meditation. Meditation is the typical ability that empathic people have. That strengthens their special skill or power.

In the case of the traditional empath’s heroes, they are less talented. However, one day, they suddenly get a special skill or power. Then, they try to become Immortals to make their world peaceful. They tend to be usual hero stories.

Either way, they think innovative empaths are the perfect personality during the confusion period. That makes them want to become Immortals, the symbol of innovative empaths.

Perhaps it is because the Chinese have experienced a turbulent era for a long time. China is one of the countries where many dynasties have changed. In addition, another ethnic group sometimes ruled the country. That might make them wish for the talents of innovative empaths.


There is the concept of a cultivator in China. Perhaps that is a typical example of the attractiveness of innovative empaths.

If you are interested, try checking out Chinese comics or fantasy games related to it. You might feel how attractive the personality of innovative empaths is.

That might give us confidence and tips for a comfortable lifestyle.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.