Two Main Directions to Create Wealth for People With an Inferiority Complex

Recently, I came to think that an inferiority complex is not so bad, although we tend to suffer from it during a socially stable period. Today, I will explain the two directions to creating wealth for people with an inferiority complex.

How to create wealth

Sometimes, we want to be wealthy. Wealth is one of the measures of how we have contributed to the majority of society. Of course, contributing to the minority gives us fantastic mental happiness, especially if we have empathic natures, even if it tends to be less money.

In any case, we need some wealth to live, especially when we don’t know where to contribute, such as at a younger age, when rebuilding our lives, or during socially changing periods. Contribution to the majority could be one of the options as long as we can bear it.

In such a situation, the following knowledge tells us the fundamental direction to create wealth, even if we have an inferiority complex. This knowledge might help us make up our minds about how to live.

Two directions to create wealth

We have two directions to create wealth, as follows:

  • The direction to compete and win in the current world: The stronger we are in the community, the more wealth we will have, according to the size of the community. Patience and effort will help us realize it. This is for those who can bear stress.
  • The direction in which we can expand the world: The wider we perceive the world, the more opportunities we can find. Facing our fears will help us realize them. This is for those who can change their lifestyles easily.

Let me explain them below.

The direction to compete and win

The first direction is to compete and win in the current world. Perhaps you can understand it easily. All we have to do is do the same thing as our surroundings and make more effort with patience. After enough success, we try the higher stage, such as a domestic winner aiming to become a world champion.

If we follow this direction, our inferiority complex will help us because it gives us patience. We can get the energy to fight by comparing ourselves to stronger people. That will bring us wealth as long as we can bear it.

People who can bear more stress are suited for this. An inferiority complex works well for insensitive people. In other words, those who cannot stand stress are disadvantageous.

The direction to expand our world

The next direction is to expand the world we can perceive. There are many communities with many values in the world. There should be communities that have the same values as our talents.

This direction is sometimes full of fears because the unknown makes us fear. Expanding our world means continuously stepping into unknowns, so dealing with fears will be one of the themes for this direction in life.

By the way, curiosity is a form of fear with enough safety. If we secure safety enough, we will have more curiosity than fear, so following our curiosity often works well.

However, we often face fears because we don’t always have such safety, especially if we want to change our lives dramatically.

Fear as a sign of the right direction

There are two types of fears: one that expands our world and one that doesn’t. To make progress, it is better to feel the former.

The former is the fear of change. It contains a fear of losing something or making a loss. Although we have to secure safety, it often brings us progress if we face it. If we frequently have this fear, we are heading in the right direction.

Trying and receiving feedback will be the most valuable assets in this way of life. In other words, our most valuable wealth is our experience. Making losses is not so significant because it is part of feedback. The more feedback we have, the less we will make a loss in the future.

Fear drives out an inferiority complex

In this case, fear drives out our inferiority complex. Fear and an inferiority complex go against each other. This would be one of the ways to let go of our inferiority complex.

However, we will take another risk: we must change our lifestyles according to our new circumstances. If we cannot do it, we will lose our wealth. In other words, there are more opportunities to be wealthy for people who can change their lifestyles.

That is the former: fear of change. It indicates the right direction.

The latter is the fear of stress. We fear stressful, hopeless things because we know they change nothing about our situation. We tend to feel “I am tired” or “I want to withdraw in my room” rather than “I don’t want to make a loss” in this case. If we frequently have this kind of fear, we tend to stagnate and be unable to make progress.


The above are the two fundamental directions to create wealth. We can head both of them, even if with an inferiority complex.

An inferiority complex and fear; choose whichever you like.

This knowledge might help us make up our minds about how to live.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.