We Don’t Need to Be Afraid of “Doomsday”; I Will Explain Why With a Concept of the Cycle

Recently, I have been fascinated with explaining things with a cycle. The concept of the cycle makes confusing things understandable. Today, I will talk about the “doomsday” to let go of our anxieties.

How to let go of the fear of “the end”

Several days ago, I saw news about the “doomsday clock.” The doomsday clock is one of the countdowns to the catastrophe of the world. They say catastrophe strikes the world when that clock reaches 24:00 of midnight. This year, it points to 90 seconds before midnight. Perhaps their free imagination decided that time.

When many people worry about the future, perhaps the end of the world or a catastrophe would be one of the topics that they are interested in. For example, there was a belief about that kind of catastrophe in 2012. The old Mayan calendar ended at that time. That made some people believe the end of the world and anxious. You may remember that.

Sometimes, we are afraid of the end. It could be not only the end of the world but also the end of our belongings, such as relationships, activities, customs, or old beliefs that no longer are used.

We sometimes want to dispose of them but cannot due to fear. That sometimes prevents us from trying to change our lives.

In such a situation, thinking in cycles might help us. Today, I will explain why.

The way of thinking in cycles

The reason is simple. If we think in cycles, we can understand that there is tomorrow. That tells us there will be a new day after the destruction.

Try thinking about this question: What will happen one second after the moment of “doomsday?” The answer is simple: the clock points one second after the morning of 0:00. We have tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a little different because the calendar moves forward one day. If today is February 5th, tomorrow will be February 6th! What a big difference!

Joke aside, their threatening, “Avoid doomsday to protect ourselves!” makes no sense because people begin conflict or wars to protect themselves in this period, as I mentioned in the previous article (this one). In other words, people are trying to avoid “doomsday” from their fears. That fear causes wars and conflicts.

Some destruction is unavoidable

In my opinion, some destruction is unavoidable at some point if we wish for a better life, both globally and in our personal lives. We have to struggle with our outside and inside if we want to change. Sometimes, fear drives us.

It means that the conflicts will last as long as people have more fear than uselessness of conflict. After people destroy all unnecessary decorations to live, people will know there is no meaning to conflict any longer.

In other words, people will stop the conflict at some point. It means it is not the end of the world.

In addition, the very moment of the collapse is a great moment because it is the final moment of the destruction. At that moment, our collapse will come to an end. All the destruction, such as wars, conflicts, decline, or unfortunate events, happens until 24:00 of midnight. That is not “doom.” “Dawn” or “tomorrow” would be a more appropriate description.

Thinking in cycles gives us a “tomorrow”

Thinking in cycles gives us such a “tomorrow.” We sometimes fear spending something because we fear we can never recover it. We are afraid of the “end.” That fear prevents us from trying our dreams.

In such a situation, try thinking in cycles. We are in a big cycle. There could be several periods, such as a stable period, a destructive period, a period of rebuilding from scratch, or a thriving period.

We are not just losing something. After losing everything we need to let go of, we will have the following period: the period of rebuilding from scratch. It will be a fantastic period for the creators because we can create new lives freely. Destruction allows us to make new ones.

Then, we will understand that those destructions are unavoidable and necessary, no matter how much we wish for fewer losses. Perhaps that is a sad aspect of life, but we can do our best while accepting imperfection.

We know that we will have a following period. After we do all we need to do in this period, we will have a new future. It is neither the end of the world nor our lives.

Perhaps that is the feeling of trust in the future.


That is why we don’t need to fear “doomsday.”

If we think that is the end, we fear to change. On the other hand, if we imagine we are in the cycle, we can trust the future.

This way of thinking might help us change our future.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.