Why Did Those Countries Begin Wars So Suddenly? Explaining It With a Social Cycle

I have talked about the social cycle in recent days. Today, I will explain the meanings of events we often see in the news, especially the meaning of wars and restrictions on immigration.

Why are they reacting like that?

When we watch the news, we are sometimes confused by confusing information from all over the world. We sometimes wonder why the people or the governments react the way they do.

For example, many countries have begun banning immigrants these years. The United States is constructing high walls to prevent immigration from Mexico. Why did they start refusing immigration suddenly, even though the U.S. is short of a labor force and those immigrants became a labor force?

Another case is war. Several wars have occurred over these years. They are spreading rapidly. Why did they begin the war with such a costly action, even though those governments were spending a lot to support weak citizens?

That information often confuses us and makes us feel helpless because we don’t know what is happening around us. That makes us feel fear: “Something is going wrong in this world, but I don’t know what to do.” Such fear often prevents our challenges or preparations to make our lives better.

In such a situation, the social cycle I have explained would help us foresee the future and know what to prepare. Today, I explain why the people or the governments react the way they do.

The two social periods of direction

To explain it, let me talk about the social periods. Simply put, our society has two periods of direction, as follows:

  • The destruction period is when weak people increase due to destruction. The gap between the rich and the poor expands. The connections or unions of the world are divided gradually, and we prioritize our protection. Our society tends to lean toward socialism to help weak people.
  • The thriving period is when our whole society improves. The gap between the rich and the poor contracts. People value more connections with the world, and we prioritize a win-win relationship. Society tends to lean toward liberalism to advance and thrive.

The events of the destruction period

Now is the period of destruction, in my opinion. Many destructions have occurred, such as the pandemic, conflicts, economic downturns, or disasters caused by climate change. That has created many weak people who have lost their wealth. That caused the gap between the rich and the poor to expand.

In such a situation, every country doesn’t want to accept more immigrants because it spreads the gap between the rich and the poor. Almost all immigrants are poor. If the countries accept those immigrants, those countries will have a higher rate of weak people.

It is trouble because those countries are already working hard to help existing weak people. In addition, the expanding gap brings social instability. That is why many countries are starting to ban immigrants, and the United States is building a wall on the border.

That is why our communities try to cut the connection from the world in this period. To protect existing weak people or industries, our communities prevent getting more weak people into our community. Otherwise, the community will have more risk of collapse.

New borders in this period

This is the opposite of the thriving period. In that period, people want more free trade and borderlessness to thrive. On the other hand, in the destruction period, countries build higher borders and protect themselves. We have such a cycle.

That makes countries nervous about their borders because countries try to build clear borders. Almost all countries have problems with unclear borders or historical borders with neighboring countries. Even if they have a clear border, they often try to acquire more margin area to protect themselves. That causes conflicts or wars. That is why wars tend to occur in this period.

We are living in such a period that we have more weak people. People start to build borders anywhere.

In this period, it might be better to be frugal because we could suddenly be unable to have what we used to have. Frugality is one form of creativity. We create higher satisfaction with affordable materials. That creativity will often help us in this changing period.

Of course, if you have a dream and want to try it at least once, it would be a good idea to start it soon because we might have more social restrictions. We can try our dreams with frugality. These two concepts don’t conflict.

The awareness that the world could change dramatically in the short term will give us more safety. Many troubles might confuse many people, but we can prepare for them. At least this understanding allows us to relax and prevent confusion. We can change our lives thanks to such relaxation.


Above are typical examples of a destruction period.

We are in a confusing, dividing period that creates more weak people. Frugality could be one of the ways to prepare for this period.

This knowledge would help us foresee the future and know what to prepare.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.