How to See the Stress Level of a Person

I talked about how to tell a person’s personality in an earlier post (this article). In addition, I can finally explain more facial features in words. Today, I will explain the stress level by seeing the person’s face.

The mental state on people’s faces

Sometimes, we can feel a person’s mental state on his face, even if it is the first meeting. We might feel, “He seems to be easily angry,” “She seems to be happily spending every day,” or “He seems to deceive people, so it would be better not to trust him.”

In addition, even if it is the same person, the facial appearance may change depending on his mental state. A person could suddenly get an evil or a happy face, even in only several weeks. It is like a different person. Perhaps you have also experienced those feelings.

I wondered why we can see the mental state on people’s faces. Of course, we can also feel a person’s mental state in his atmosphere, but we can feel it even just by looking at a picture of his face.

Then, I can finally explain why we can see a person’s mental state in words. I will explain it below.

The face shows us the person’s mental state

First, let me explain why we can see so much information about a person’s state from his face. This is because our faces are one of the communication tools in our social lives, in my opinion.

For example, we make angry faces when we want to give someone a caution or a warning. That expression makes the others pay attention to our words. In another case, we laugh when we have joy. That expression makes the other relax. Thanks to those expressions, we can communicate sooner and easier with fewer explanations. That allows us to cooperate efficiently in social life.

If we understand that, there is no wonder if we show our mental state on our faces. Our faces tell us a lot of information. For example, when we are exhausted, we cannot help others. That expression makes others avoid asking us and try to ask for help from another person.

We can also see a person’s mental state through their face. Let me explain how to see it below. By the way, it could be wrong because this is my way. However, this knowledge might help us see people’s minds more or less.

The basic facial rules

There are several basic facial rules, as follows:

  • When stressed, the parts of the face are centered. It has an X shape.
  • When relaxed, the parts of the face are outward. It shapes a circle.

The stressed face

Perhaps you can easily understand this. When we put strength into something, we make angry faces even though we are not angry. This is because we must endure stress to bring out our full power. The tails of the eyebrows are raised, and the mouth ends are lowered. That makes an X shape.

The relaxed face

On the other hand, when we relax, our facial parts are placed more outward. In addition, the tails of the eyebrows are lowered, and the mouth ends are raised. That makes a circle, like a smiley face.

Facial wrinkles

That causes facial wrinkles that show the person’s stress level in the long term.

The vertical wrinkles

If someone has had hard stress in the long term, he tends to have wrinkles in the vertical area of his face, between the eyebrows, and under the mouth. That is a sign of the unfortunate and a lack of fulfillment.

If we are with those people, we will be more stressed. They tend to bring surroundings their inferiority complexes.

The horizontal wrinkles

On the other hand, if someone has had relaxation and joy in the long term, he tends to have wrinkles in the horizontal area of his face, between the tails of the eyebrows and the end of the mouth. That is a sign of fortune and fulfillment.

It is usually hard to find those wrinkles in younger people’s faces. The older people are, the clearer we can see them.

If we want more happiness, being with the latter would be better.

Two types of bad luck faces

With those facial rules, we can identify people who need to pay attention. I will introduce two types of faces that bring us bad luck.

  • The demon’s face
  • The scammer’s face

The demon’s face

First, the demon’s face. This face has inconsistent facial parts: relaxed and stressed facial parts. The facial parts are placed more outward, but the eyebrows are X-shaped. He is relaxed, even though he is stressed.

It means that the person has lost the feeling of his mind. In other words, he ignores his stress. That makes him lose honesty or conscience because he loses his mental feedback. He acts to fill his superficial desires. Someone with this face tends to do bad things without considering others’ emotions, so I call it the demon’s face.

For example, a country began a war recently in the Middle East. The prime minister of that country has become this face these days. He used to have a good, relaxed face, but right after he began the war, he became a stressed face of X shape. Then he came to have this demon’s face after a while. He might have wanted mental salvation in the war, but it seems to have brought him a demon’s face.

Perhaps you can see it easily if you meet a person with this face. Someone with an inferiority complex who ignores seeing his inner mind tends to have this face. He causes continuous unfortunates, so don’t get involved. If you can see this tendency in yourself, I recommend you change your environment. That is a sign that your environment doesn’t suit you.

In other words, when someone ignores the inferiority complex and tries to forget it, he becomes a demon.

The scammer’s face

The other is the scammer’s face. This face is the same as the relaxed one, but the eyes are not relaxed. The eyes are staring at the other person.

Usually, when we are relaxed, our eyes move softly. However, the person with this face keeps staring at us carefully.

It means that he is making a smile intentionally. He doesn’t relax because he has to concentrate on something, such as scamming other people. Sometimes, we may feel a tense atmosphere even though he is smiling.

We sometimes feel, “The face is smiling, but the eyes are not smiling.” Perhaps it indicates this movement of the eyes.

It is often hard to identify this face because it is rare. Perhaps it is better to follow our first impressions or atmosphere. If we feel something odd or inconsistent, judging by it could also be one way.


Above is the stress level of a person. We can see people’s mental states on their faces.

This could be wrong, but this knowledge might help us see people’s minds more or less.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.