Whether to Listen to the Bitter Advice of Others: My Judging Way of Deciding

In recent articles, I have talked about a new concept related to motivation. And I noticed that this concept can explain many inexplicable things. One of them is the “bitter advice” from others.

So today, I will talk about another application of my concept: how to decide whether to listen to the bitter advice of others.

Whether to listen to bitter advice

Sometimes, we might get bitter or harsh words from others, especially when we are on SNS or publishing our products on our websites. And we are often depressed and lose our motivation. The more bitter these words are, the less we are motivated.

But some people say, “The more bitter words, you should listen to them.” That teaching often makes us suffer because we lose our motivation. And sometimes, these complaints are useless because the speakers are not our followers. They only want to criticize others who have different values.

So, we sometimes wonder whether we need to listen to such “bitter advice” at the expense of motivation.

In such a case, distinguishing our patience and motivation would tell us whether to listen to them. If we want more patience and results, it is better to listen to them. But if we need more motivation to be energetic, ignore them.

The difference between patience and motivation

To explain it, let me explain the difference between patience and motivation.

  • Motivation: The middle-term energy source. The next idea comes from our inside. The more we follow our inner visions, the more productive we become with fun. We can multiply such middle-term energy gradually.
  • Patience: The short-term energy source. The next idea comes from social values or social knowledge. The more we follow others’ advice, the more results we can achieve. But our patience fades over time.

So, if we want more patience and short-term results, it is better to follow the bitter words. I introduced above the people who say, “You should listen to all the others’ voices!” They are people who work only with patience. And many people do so.

But if we want more motivation, it is better to ignore them. We might often think, “I have to listen to all others’ complaints, even if I lose much of my motivation.” But if we want to “create” something valuable with our motivation, we don’t need them.

In other words, our motivation is one of our assets. We create something with it. So, we need to defend it. Other people often cannot imagine the value until our visions are realized.

To prevent bitter words from coming

By the way, if we clearly distinguish between patience and motivation, we don’t get such bitter words when we follow our motivation. In other words, confusing them brings us unwanted bitter complaints.

The most common example is trying to get too many followers or customers. But these followers are less interested in us.

A lot of followers look great. And if we work with patience, there is no problem. But if we want to create something with our motivation, they often complain about our activities due to different values.

One of the mistakes that kill our motivation is declaring our dreams to them. And if it is a big dream and needs patience, many people who live only with patience want to deny, “It is impossible.” We feel they ruin our dreams. But our confusion makes them say so. I also made this mistake a lot.

In other words, if we can distinguish between patience and motivation, we can prevent such bitter advice.

The bottom line

So, distinguishing our patience and motivation would tell us whether to listen to bitter advice.

If we want more patience, it would be better to listen to them. But if we need more motivation, ignore them. If we wish to talk about our big dreams, we can tell them to our companions who have similar goals as ours. They will encourage us.

This way might help us increase our motivation and prevent unwanted bitter advice.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.