A “Creative Solution” Means Changing Our Lifestyle; My Lantern Example

I like reducing the cost of life. Perhaps this is because I prefer living quietly and peacefully to living excitedly and competitively. A competitive life tends to be “getting more.” And a quiet life tends to be “less waste.” So, I would like to reduce my cost of living rather than earn something a lot, such as money or social status.

How to get creative solutions

If you like this blog, you might feel that way. If so, we sometimes want to be creative to improve our lives.

For example, we might want to stop the stressful life in the city and move to the countryside to live quietly.

In such a situation, we often compare two choices. We compare, “This point is better in the city, but this point is better in the countryside. Is which better overall?” Both have pros and cons. So we often worry about it for a long time. And it makes us wish, “If I have a lot of money, everything will be solved.”

But we can solve these problems with our creativity, even if we don’t have enough money.

So today, I’ll talk about a way to be creative. I think that a “creative solution” means changing our lifestyle.

My creative solution for the rooms’ lights

To explain it, let me talk about one of my creative solutions over the past month.

In recent years, I have tried to reduce my living costs. Reducing electricity costs is one of them. So, I have replaced the lights in my house with LEDs. But I’m living in a large house alone now. There are many unused rooms. And its lights are all still old.

But I sometimes want to use these rooms at night. If I replace all the lights with LEDs, it will cost a lot. There are over six lights to replace.

In such a situation, how can we solve this problem? We often compare two choices. Using the old lights is one way. Replacing all of the lights is another way. Then we calculate it and worry, “Is which better overall?”

I changed my lifestyle with a lantern

But there is another way. That is a creative solution. And we can find it if we focus on changing our lifestyles.

In my case, I noticed that I could use a lantern. I have an LED lantern in my emergency pack. If I use it, I can get a portable light without cost. And it’s enough for me because I don’t use these rooms often.

In addition, that was also a good solution for maintaining my emergency items because I could check the lantern’s battery sometimes.

Changing my lifestyle gave me such a good idea. I changed my lifestyle from “using the things in the place” to “carrying things with me.” We can carry the necessary things instead of using something in the place.

We can change our lifestyle

We can solve many problems by using this way of thinking.

If we want to move to the countryside to live quietly, we don’t have to decide between two choices. There are other creative ways. We can adjust many things, such as when to wake up, where to eat, how to get food, where to get items, what to live with, how to get enjoyment, or where to sleep.

These changes will give us other solutions. We don’t always need to change the world. Changing our lifestyle is also a way.

Try asking ourselves when we want a creative solution: “If I change my lifestyle like this, this will be no problem.” That might give us great ideas.


So I think that a “creative solution” means changing our lifestyle.

We tend to compare two choices. But we can get better another way. That is the creative way.

If we can use this way of thinking, we might be able to find new solutions.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.