An Example of Changing Common Sense and Satisfying Ourselves: The Crumbled Cake

These days, I have mentioned how to be creative with cooking examples. So today, let’s talk about another example.

I wanted soft, fluffy, spongy cake!

One day last winter, I wanted to cook and taste a cake. That was a soft, fluffy, spongy fruit cake.

But I could not make it because I didn’t have a mixer. We usually need a mixer to whip egg whites to cook a sponge. And then we mix it up with egg yolk and other ingredients. But I didn’t have a mixer.

Perhaps we often have such problems. We want to live and taste a better life. So we want to make something. But we don’t have enough resources, such as tools, money, materials, and ingredients.

Perhaps I could also make whipped egg whites by hand if I worked hard. But I didn’t want it because that was not creative. Creativity means not relying on disgusting hard work. So we use our wisdom to create other ways.

At such a time, we can create new styles. It often solves our problems.

My way of thinking to create a new style

In my case, I was able to cook hotcakes easily. That was simple to cook and fluffy. But there was a problem. If we chilled hotcakes, they became thin and hard. And I needed to chill it to use with whipped cream. So I needed to think about it.

At such a time, I noticed that I could make the thin, hard hotcake feel soft when I was tearing it up and eating it. We can tear and crumble it into small pieces. If we did so, we would taste it soft and fluffy.

And we can modify the style of the cake. If we crumble hotcakes into small pieces, we cannot shape them like a whole cake. So I put the crumbled sponge into a small cup. Then I decorated it with cream and fruit jam.

This worked great. It had the same taste and fluffy texture as the sponge cake. And I was able to cook and taste it without a mixer. I call this a “crumbled cake.” I recommend this for those who want to make a chilled, spongy cake but don’t have a mixer.

We can create better lives

I feel that was one of the creativity. We can create better lives with things we can use easily. We don’t need to do disgusting hard work or buy special tools that we seldom use. We can create other styles to fulfill ourselves.

In other words, we need to give up making the “sponge cake” that already exists. After giving up the determined shape, our creativity begins to shine.

And after we notice the new style, we may feel it was a simple solution, like my crumbled cake.


So I think that we can create new styles. This is my favorite way of thinking.

It often provides us fulfillment without doing disgusting hard work.

If we understand this way of thinking, we might be able to make our lives easier.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.