Reducing Decorations Means Being Simple

I need to make a lot of dried radish, so I’ll write a short article today. I’ll talk about how to change our lives. I think that reducing decorations means being simple. If we understand this feeling, we might be able to minimize unnecessary patience.

The fear of losing value

Sometimes we are exhausted by being patient. There would be many stressful things to be patient with, such as stressful work, long working hours, relationships with disgusting people, a lack of money, or a lack of freedom.

And we often cannot let go of unnecessary things in such situations. Because there is a desire that we don’t want to lose our values anymore. We would feel that we have already lost a lot of value. So we want to hold on to everything, even if it contains almost meaningless things.

In such situations, an understanding of the following would help us: Reducing decorations means being simple. This idea might allow us to let go of unnecessary patience.

Reducing decorations means being simple

To explain that, let’s assume that we are a thermometer. As I mentioned in the previous article (this article), I recently downgraded my kitchenware. I replaced a good digital thermometer with a cheap, traditional analog thermometer.

But I don’t feel I lost any value. Because I use a thermometer as a thermometer. There is no difference in a fundamental function.

In other words, I removed the “decorations” from my thermometer. I didn’t need decorations like the digital display or 0.1-degree precision. This replacement gave me more simplicity and solidity in my kitchenware.

Being simple is one of the values

We are the same as the thermometer. If we reduce our “decorations,” we can find our fundamental values. We can understand “I can measure temperature.” It would be our core value. And we cannot let go of them even if we throw away many valuable things because these core values are based on our characteristics.

And our “decorations” are the thing that doesn’t relate to our characteristics. In other words, if we feel the pain to do it, it is usually decoration.

So I can say that reducing decorations means being simple. Being simple is one of the lifestyles. It doesn’t mean losing value. We can create new lifestyles with it.

Many people think that the decorations are valuable. Sometimes, it may be correct. But when we are confused about what we can do, pursuing decorations would only confuse us more.


So I think that reducing decorations means being simple. To find out our core values, we can let them go.

If we understand this feeling, we might be able to reduce unnecessary things easily. And it might allow us to be free from unnecessary patience.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.