Maybe Putting Them in One Place Is the Most Effective Way to Simplify

Let’s talk about organization. I think that maybe putting them all in one place is the most effective way to simplify. By the way, today’s article is part of my “3-Category Organization Method.” (Tag link: 3-category organization)

Organizing to change our lives

Recently, although I’ve talked about cooking, I’m still fascinated with organizing. I’m improving my items continuously to increase my allowable margin.

Sometimes, we need more room for resources to change our lives. At such times, organizing would give us new allowable margins. Because it tells us what is essential in our lives. We can throw away unnecessary things and secure important things through the organization. In other words, we can be lighter to begin something new.

If we are in such a situation, an organizing method would be important. So today, let’s explain how to simplify our belongings step by step. This will give us more room for our resources and be easy to change.

How to simplify our belongings

My organizing method is simple. Maybe putting our items in one place is the most effective way to simplify. We don’t need to complicate to simplify.

To be more specific, we can follow these steps:

  1. Put items in one place. (We can organize them into 3 categories by following this article.)
  2. Then sort them according to various aspects—the same kind, shape, function, material, or situation.
  3. Remove items that can be substituted for other things. And repeat this step.

For example, if we put all the cleaners in our house in one place, we would be surprised by how many kinds of cleaners we have. Then after we sort them by the same kind or functions, we would find similar cleaners. So we can integrate them.

We would live more compact lives if we put things in one place. Such concentration will give us larger allowable margins for our resources.

Creating integrated style

When we do that, we can also create the “one general-purpose item and several specialized items” style at the same time. (Details are in this article.) This would apply to not only tools but also consumable things. This would give us more efficiency in creating environments.

To create more efficient environments, we can follow these steps:

  1. After sorting, try choosing one general-purpose item from the pile. Typically, it is the most solid, affordable, and frequently used item.
  2. Try integrating any other things into the general-purpose item. Perhaps we need to acquire new skills or adapt to a new lifestyle at the same time.
  3. If there are items that we don’t want to lose, try substituting more specialized items.

My way of integrating cookware

I integrated my cookware with such a flow. Now I use only a cast-iron pan (a skillet) and a pot as general-purpose tools for cooking. But I once had many other tools, such as a microwave oven, a toaster, a rice cooker, several non-stick pans, and pots.

At such a time, I learned about skillets. I was troubled by the short life of the non-stick pan at that time. So I tried the skillet because I can use it for a lifetime. And that was amazing. I noticed that the meals cooked in the cast-iron pan tasted good. In particular, meat and eggs tasted great.

Then I naturally came to cook everything with my skillet. Skillet is one of the most solid cookware. So it has the availability to cook many meals. In other words, I integrated my cooking tools into my skillet. This is the general-purpose item.

Substituting the specialized tools

Then let me explain how I installed the specialized tools.

After I began to integrate my cookware into my skillet, I rarely used my microwave. So I wanted to remove my microwave. But as far as making a little warm water, I often used it. I frequently drank small amounts of warm water at that time. At such times, the microwave was useful to warm up the water.

At that time, I noticed that I was also able to use a thermos instead of the microwave. If I make enough hot water once and pour it into the thermos, I can drink it anytime without the microwave. I can do it with only a pot and a thermos. So I disposed of the microwave.

This thermos is one of the specialized tools. Affordable, simple, specific, easy to replace, and more useful to keep and carry warm water than a microwave. On the other hand, the microwave is one of the general-purpose tools. Microwaves have a lot of cooking options. But I didn’t need such a heavy thing.

This “one general-purpose item and several specialized items” style gave me my cooking style. It means the most ease of use for me.


So I think that maybe putting them in one place is the most effective way to simplify. It would give us more room for our resources.

In addition, we can create our styles and skills. We can choose one general-purpose item and several specialized items at the same time. It would give us the most efficient environment.

If we use this organizing method well, we might be able to change our lives more easily.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.