Our Different Tastes Make Our Strengths

Due to some tasks that I want to do, I’ll write a short article today. It’s about how to feel our possibilities. I think that our different tastes make our strengths.

Many people don’t like kneading bread

Recently, I’ve frequently watched YouTube videos about baking bread. Learning new things with my curiosity is always fun.

Then I noticed one thing. There are so many videos about “no-knead bread” recipes. Perhaps many people don’t like kneading when they bake bread. Certainly, it takes energy, effort, and time. (around 10 minutes)

But to be honest, I like kneading dough. It is the most fun part of baking bread for me. Perhaps this is because I like to use my fingers and hands to create something. Of course, kneading all day will exhaust me, but only for 10 minutes is a little unsatisfactory exercise for me. I want to knead it more!

And I like the soft touch and hand feel of it. It’s like making ceramics, although I have never made ceramics.

Things we like, but others don’t

Then I realized that sometimes there are things we would like to do, but many people don’t like to do them. This difference in characteristics would be a strength for us.

For example, many people don’t like writing long sentences. When we were students, writing schoolwork was usually painful for us. Although I also didn’t like it at that age, I like blogging now. Perhaps this is because I can write freely about the things I’m interested in. But many people still don’t like it.

Another example, many people don’t like programming. Many people also don’t want to create their songs or drawings. Or many people don’t want to imagine and create their own lives.

But there is someone who likes it, like us. This would be the strength.

The people who are waiting for us

If we change our point of view, we can understand that there will be people who are critically bad at what we like. We can make some products to help them. In other words, some people are waiting for us to maximize our individuality. They are strongly longing for our products. I think “characteristics” means such a thing.

Perhaps we cannot find them before doing it. Because everyone tends to hide minor desires that are difficult to understand from their society. So after we begin and share it, they will come.

And if we share it with joy, they will feel that they are allowed to fulfill their desires. That is an allowance to live with their values or characteristics. So they come to like us.


So I think that our different tastes make our strengths. Sometimes we like the things that everyone else doesn’t. That would be our strength.

After we start and share it with our joy, the people who like our products will come.

If we understand this logic, we might get started with what we want to do without any guarantee of success.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.