Explaining Why Solving an Inferiority Complex Leads to a Successful Investment

In recent articles, I have talked about the mentality of people without an inferiority complex. Today, I will explain why solving an inferiority complex leads to a successful investment.

How to succeed in investments

Sometimes, we want to succeed in investments. Investment means owning assets that will add value in the future.

Investments could give us a lot of abundance. We might get money if we invest in something we can exchange, such as financial assets. We might get a more free and easy life if we invest in things that lower our cost of living. We might hope for the future because we know it is getting better.

However, we sometimes experience times when things don’t go as expected. Typical examples are impatience and stagnation. Although we want to succeed as soon as possible, we feel we must wait or struggle. That often troubles us and causes failures in investment.

In that case, solving an inferiority complex would help. That leads to a successful investment. Today, I will explain why. This mental logic might bring us wealth and mental calmness.

The uniqueness of investment

The reason lies in the uniqueness of investment activities. Investment is different from other jobs. We have to deal with two contradictory elements: time and logic. Usual works don’t have such complexity. That distinction leads to successful investment.

Usually, meeting one aspect of value determines the amount of profit. For example, painters contribute to society by drawing beautiful pictures. Singers make people happy with their heart-touching songs. That specialty gives them profit.

There is no contradiction. Skills that can contribute to society are profitable. In other words, if we acquire these skills, we can succeed socially soon.

That is why many people try to learn efficiently by taking the shortest route. For example, they might try to learn from famous professionals. They might search the internet for advantageous information. That efficiency brings profits.

Reconciling inefficiency with efficiency

However, on the other hand, if we want a profit from investments, that style causes failure because we have to reconcile inefficiency with efficiency.

Inefficiency is essential for a successful investment. That creates profits. It sometimes overwhelms the profit of efficiency.

Waiting: the efficiency of inefficiency

Waiting is a typical example of that. Waiting time is usually inefficient. We don’t do anything while waiting. We would think that if we could invest more efficiently, we would make more money.

However, the inefficiency of waiting is often necessary because investment is a time-based activity. Managing time, including knowing the value of waiting, is the key to success.

On the other hand, many people cannot wait because they cannot manage time. They want big profits as soon as possible. That makes inefficient waiting efficient.

Logic: inefficient logic makes efficiency

Logic is also an example. We usually think that precise logic makes more profits. Many believe that people who know things no one else knows are more profitable.

However, the inefficiency of ignoring the details often makes a profit because many people try to get the latest information and disregard history. Many people believe they are superior if they can understand unclear phenomena. That turns an easy-to-understand, longest-term cycle into value.

Efficiency is not the only factor that determines the return on investment. Waiting with easy-to-understand logic also makes profits.

Solving an inferiority complex to succeed in investment

Investment is an act to see the movement of social crowds and prepare for predictable future change. Good assets are on the other side of the majority.

That is why solving an inferiority complex leads to successful investments. An inferiority complex makes us stick to being superior in society. In other words, an inferiority complex is the habit of comparing ourselves with others who share the same social values.

That is one of the reasons people who want to live quietly in the countryside tend to be good at investing. Although natural life looks inefficient, it creates efficiency because we can find assets the social majority is unaware of.

In addition, many people cannot imitate us because it is based on our personalities. We cannot work like machines in society but can live naturally and wait. On the other hand, many people can work like machines in society but cannot live naturally and wait. Even if they can imitate it in the short term, they cannot do it in the long term.

That makes our investment valuable and profitable. Sometimes, it brings far more benefits than working hard for efficiency.


That is why solving an inferiority complex leads to a successful investment.

This logic might bring us wealth and mental calmness.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.