An Approach to Getting an Income While Living a Secluded Life in the Countryside

Now I am heading toward seclusion in the countryside. I feel I did everything I could on the urban side. There is neither unfinished business nor sticking in there. That is why I am moving toward seclusion.

Fortunately, I have already created half of it. Today, I will explain an approach to getting income while living a secluded life. This vision might provide us with ideas on how to realize it.

How to realize a secluded life in the countryside

Sometimes, we want to live comfortably without social stress, especially if we have high empathy and creativity. We don’t want to socialize with people we don’t like. We don’t want to work as an emotionless machine. We might want a quiet life surrounded by nature.

Seclusion in the countryside could be a way of life. That allows us to be free from unnecessary social stress.

Imagine a life without disgusting daily jobs or socializing. We can get up naturally in the morning without alarm. We are free all day. There are many materials to create wealth. We can concentrate on the creation we love, and that creation also makes some people happy. Such a lifestyle may be fantastic for some people. I love such a life.

How do we get an income?

However, we often don’t know how to realize such a lifestyle. There would be many unknown things. How do we make an income? How can we make our lives abundant? How do we deal with an inconvenient life in the countryside?

Perhaps how to get an income is the topic of most interest we want to know about. Although our creations could bring us money, we don’t want to force ourselves to create them.

Getting an income may be hard in the countryside because the more rural it is, the fewer jobs there are. There tend to be only large-scale works, such as large farms or factories. We cannot create such a business and are not interested in it. Revenues on the Internet will also shrink soon. We often feel that this income problem is the hardest.

In other words, we want a solid foundation that fits our secluded lifestyle.

Today, I will introduce an approach to getting income to live a secluded life in the countryside: managing our assets in the long term. This approach might give us ideas for creating it.

Assets that substitute monthly income

We can live with our assets instead of our monthly income. In other words, forget about creating income.

If we begin to think about income, we cannot realize seclusion in the countryside. Salaries or incomes are part of sociality. On the other hand, seclusion is a way of living away from sociality. They are opposite and incompatible. That prevents us from finding a solid way to seclude.

The key to a seclusive life is to surround ourselves with things we can manage as much as possible. That provides us with not only solid wealth but also a stress-free life.

Three levels of manageable things

There are three levels we can manage, as follows:

  • Other individuals: We are not good at controlling them. We don’t want to control them.
  • Crowds: We cannot control them, but we can predict their movements. The larger the crowd, the more we can foresee the future.
  • Materials: We can manage them.

We focus on managing materials or predicting the movement of crowds. We reduce the areas in which other individuals affect our lives, such as our bosses or customers. We manage our assets in that style. That suits the secluded lifestyle.

Living with low expenditures and high assets

It will be a life with low expenditures and high assets. We manage them as long-term as possible. That supports our daily lives.

An asset is something that will add value in the future. We deal with them instead of providing our time or skills as workers.

Looking at society from the perspective of a long-term cycle will tell us what our assets can be. There are social cycles. The cycles tell us what phase we are in now and what will happen soon. For example, if we find that this is the beginning of a confused era, we can predict what events will occur from historical events. We can prepare for it.

That increases the value of our assets. We can live even without daily jobs.

We keep up to date on the social situation, even in seclusion. The broader and longer-term our perspective, the more reliable the changes we can predict. We don’t need to chase small changes or trends. That gives us opportunities to find assets.

Increasing our assets while contributing to society

It means we are the social manager in the super-long term with a broad perspective. Many people only care about the short term only in their location. On the other hand, we provide values from a super-long term with wide areas. That helps people, especially during a confused era.

For example, we could buy when it is cheap and sell when it is expensive. A low price means sellers are in trouble because they can hardly sell it, even though it has value. We can support them by buying cheap assets. A high price means buyers are in trouble because it is difficult to buy it, even though they need it. We can help them by selling our assets that are overvalued.

We can help people by dealing with our assets.

A way to increase assets

Try focusing on managing our resources as long-term with a broad perspective as possible. That realizes our independence from social stresses.

Reducing debts and increasing assets would work. An asset will add value in the future, as I mentioned above. A debt is the opposite. It is something that will decrease in value in the future. Social activities on the urban side tend to be debts when we move toward seclusion in the countryside.

Reducing our cost of living is one way to increase our assets. The material that supports our survival is usually an asset.

Salaries don’t impact our assets. Some might think that if we have high salaries, we can buy many assets, such as stocks with dividends or financial assets. However, it won’t work in the long term. We are living in a long-term world. Long-term safety gives us peace of mind. Neither short-term methods nor our initial asset amount impacts our peaceful minds.

Perhaps the most efficient way to find assets is by learning history. Try checking the history of the market you are in. That will tell us the cycle and how value changes.


That is a way to get wealth to live a secluded life in the countryside.

We can live with our assets instead of our monthly income.

That might give us ideas for creating a secluded life in a peaceful place.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.