An Approach to Creating Mental and Material Wealth Separately

Recently, I have come to understand how to use our personalities. Today, I will explain how the mental system creates abundance. By the way, this is a new concept, so this article still has many improvements.

How to be more wealthy

Sometimes, we want to be more wealthy because it gives us a comfortable life.

There are two kinds of wealth: mental and material. Our lifestyles determine our mental wealth. The more we can live in a way that suits our personalities, the more our mental abundance increases. On the other hand, we can increase material wealth when we accomplish something that fits in with reality.

Of course, I want both! Although some might say, “If your mind is satisfied, you don’t need many things,” I want to keep creative and improving. I like frugality and a minimal life, but they are part of my creativity. If you like this blog, you might feel similarly.

However, we sometimes don’t know how to create mental and material wealth. An inferiority complex might be confusing us. We might lack the money or resources to migrate to our ideal life.

Distinguishing the elements of our personalities might work in that case. I will talk about it today.

The four types of personalities

To explain it, I will introduce the four types of personalities that I often use, as shown in the following image:

There are four types of personalities: extroverts, traditional empaths, innovative empaths, and innovators.

We classify those personalities by two axes. One axis is highly or less empathic. The other is the person prefers to whether sociality or innovation.

The four senses

In other words, we could have four kinds of sense: competition, sociality, empathy, and logic, as shown in the following image:

The two axes to create wealth

We can divide those senses into those that create mental or material wealth, as shown in the following image:

  • The sense to develop mental wealth: empathy or competition.
  • The sense to create material wealth: sociality or logic.

This concept might allow us to create our abundance efficiently. Let me explain them below.

An approach to improve mental wealth

If we want to improve our mental abundance, try focusing on either empathy or competition. That will increase our mental wealth.

For example, we focus on empathy if we are innovative empaths. That will be the most efficient way to develop our mental abundance. On the other hand, extroverts will satisfy their minds by focusing on competition.

Of course, being too empathic or competitive is harmful. Comfortable growth will be the most efficient.

Mind: a socially judging system

Let me explain why our empathy and competitive sense determine our mental abundance.

That is because empathy and competitive sense determine how we relate to the society we belong to. In other words, animals that live in society have a mind. On the other hand, the lives without society, such as fish or insects, don’t have those senses because they don’t need them. They only live with the logic programmed in their DNA or brain.

Our society also has a lot of resources. We can legally get the wealth that other people created, even if we don’t hunt ourselves.

Empathy and competitive sense determine the tactics for how to relate to society. In the case of competition, we will compete, win, get social evaluation, and receive social resources. In the case of empathy, we will please someone and gain rewards.

Those senses are the ones that determine a relationship with our society. Our mental wealth increases with a good social role. If we fail, our mental wealth decreases. Our confidence in contributing to society brings us mental health.

In other words, we can satisfy our empathic and competitive minds if we know the social meaning of our lifestyle, even if we live a secluded life.

Sociality and logic: the ways to create material wealth

On the other hand, if we want more material wealth, such as money or a living environment, we focus on sociality or logic that suits us.

Sociality gives us a social position. Logic allows us to hunt or create efficiently. They bring us physical abundance. For example, if we are innovative empaths, using logic will be efficient.

Logic is a way to understand material relationships. That allows us to gain more material wealth.

In other words, the methods that empathy brings material results, like “imagine it, and everything you want will be attracted,” are for less logical people who want to pretend to be innovative empaths. If we are innovative empaths, we can apply empathy to empathic areas and our logical sense to physical results. We don’t have to depend on empathic methods to create physical results.

Combining them efficiently

This wisdom gives us efficient tactics depending on the types we want.

If we want to migrate to the countryside, we use mainly logic because it is a material want. We avoid using empathy because it prevents our new behaviors. We don’t have to consider how to relate to our current society. That accelerates our getting out of the current environment.

On the other hand, if we want to succeed in investments, we use empathy and logic because investment is both to secure material and mental safety. Investments are half informational and half physical.


Distinguishing the elements of our personalities might allow us to create mental and material wealth efficiently.

Focusing on empathy or competition would work to improve our mental abundance. On the other hand, sociality or logic would help us create more material wealth.

Although this concept is still in progress, it might allow us to create our abundance efficiently.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.