A New Experience That Reduced My Mental Load

Several days ago, I had a precious experience that reduced my mental load. Although it is still hard to put into words, I will explain it today.

How to reduce the mental load

Sometimes, we want to reduce our mental load. It could take several shapes. We might be afraid of sacrificing something, even if we know it brings us something valuable for the future. We might blame ourselves for past mistakes, even if we know it is useless to do it now.

I also had such a mental load. It was an emotion of sadness. Even though I solved a lot of mental burdens these years, I still had such remnants.

I often felt deep sadness whenever I parted with something. That made me hesitate to sacrifice something to create a new future. It made me feel like I was kicked out of society because I had let go of my social status and been moving away from it. That was weighing on my mind.

In such a case, solving mental confusion might solve that problem. I will explain it below through my experience.

My experience cleared my feelings of sadness

As I mentioned above, I had a fear of feeling sadness.

However, several days ago, I suddenly realized that the confusion about values created that sadness. Although I grieved sadness superficially, I didn’t feel sad in my deep area. That awareness solved my fear of it.

The four types of personalities

Perhaps the trigger was thinking about the four types of personalities that I often use in this blog. To explain why I realized that, I will introduce it again.

We classify our personalities into four types based on two axes. One is highly empathic or less empathic. The other is like following social life or changing the environment.

In this case, we use the following two personalities:

  • Extroverts: People who want to belong to the same communities. They fear being kicked out of their communities because they have to depend on society to live.
  • Innovative empaths: People who don’t need to belong to communities. They can change and migrate communities easily without suffering because they can live alone.

Letting go of the mental load

I suddenly realized that my confusion about values created my sadness the moment I connected my sadness with that classification. I had been confused with the values of extroverts and innovative empaths for a long time. Although I am an innovative empath, I came to believe that I had to be an extrovert to survive in childhood due to my childhood environment.

The association of my mental phenomenon with my classification freed me from the fear of sadness. When I think of it again now, I didn’t feel sad in my deep area when I parted with society, although I grieved superficially every time. In other words, I pushed myself to feel sorrow like extroverts.

That awareness solved my mental load. The fear of sacrificing something for the future and the pains of the past went away.

After this experience, I have been far away from that kind of sadness. If I think back now, it is so that I wonder why I felt such grief. After I released the loads of mind, I noticed how heavy a burden I had owed. I realized that I came to live with a calmer, lighter mind.


That is the experience that reduced my mental load.

Our mental confusion also creates unnecessary emotions. If we notice it, we can let go of the mental burdens.

This knowledge might help us to lighten our mental loads.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.