Tips to Find What Only We Can Do as Empathic People

Recently, I have talked about a way of life for empathic people. We tend to feel happy to help weak people because empathy is for the sake of it. Today, I will explain tips to find what only we can do for empathic people.

How to find what only we can do

Sometimes, we want to avoid doing something other people can do and concentrate on what only we can do because it provides our sense of individuality. If we can contribute to others with it, we can know the role of society. It allows us to provide society with our maximum value. It also gives us self-respect and life as we are.

From another perspective, the more strange individuality we have, the more we want to use it fully because we cannot live the same way as our surroundings. We don’t want to lie to ourselves because lies stress us. Perhaps that is why we often think about the meaning of our lives if we have a strange individuality.

If we can show our talents, we have the maximum energy to live physically and mentally. What only we can do in society gives us a fulfilling life.

However, we often don’t know how to find it, especially if we have highly empathic natures. We want to help weak people and make them happy. At the same time, we want to avoid competing with others as much as possible. That is to say, we tend to be less satisfied and more stressed with the well-known ways because many people want to do them.

Today, I will introduce tips to find what only we can do for empathic people. They might inspire us to find a contributable place with our individuality.

Tips on what only we can do

To find what only we can do, let’s imagine the things as follows:

  • Things we have to consider deeply for ourselves. Things that are hard to find the answer on the Internet easily.
  • Things we have to use our imagination or emotions.
  • Things that seem to take a lot of time or effort.
  • Things that don’t seem to be easily optimized or efficient.
  • Things that are far from trends.
  • Things that are modest and unexciting for many people.
  • Things there are no qualifications or professions for.
  • Things we cannot do with simple tasks. Things that look complicated.
  • Things we don’t know what the problem is or what the cause is.
  • Things with no previous examples.

Above are the tips to find what only we can do.

Perhaps you can understand why. Many people want the opposite. They want to find and earn easily with less time, without thinking for themselves, with simple tasks, without using their imagination, and with trendy, outstanding industries. It is like being a machine that works without emotions. Those jobs are for people with less individuality.

Our ideal work is other kinds of things. It is not always dirty, dangerous, or physically exhausting. It sometimes uses our philosophies, thoughts, imagination, or sensibilities.

Looking at the opposite side

One way is to try to look at the weak side. Many people applaud the winners, but we see the opposite side: the loser side.

For example, many people praise the winner in sports or battles. At that time, we focus on the loser side. Perhaps we will notice many emotions or opportunities. The less people care for them, the more we will feel opportunities.

The “loser” could be non-humans. They might be other natural life, such as animals, birds, or fish. We help them without conflict with humans. If we fight against people, it will be hard to feel happiness. Such behavior without conflict will contribute to society without unnecessary stress.

An example of a stadium

Another way is to stop looking at the major media and start feeling the world only with our senses, such as our eyes, ears, emotions, or natural wishes. Although we need to clear our inferiority complex to do this, it would work well.

To explain this feeling, assume we are watching a sport in a stadium. Many spectators are enthusiastic on the field. In such a situation, we cool down and look over the whole stadium and all the spectators.

We can understand that there are differences. There may be more comfortable places to enjoy and also stressful places. There may be healthy adults, exciting children, and several children having fun quietly in wheelchairs at the back of the stadium while being careful not to disturb others.

If we understand the whole situation of the stadium, we can understand what we can do. We might be able to search for new comfortable places and teach that to the children in wheelchairs. Using empathy is such a feeling.

Considering the whole view

It is like dealing with the most troublesome things in our lives. If we finish it first, it will be easier later. Finding places to show our individuality is one of the most troublesome things in our lives.

We can say that it is like cleaning the dirtiest place in our house first.

To do them, we have to look over the whole view of our house. Many people clean only where they see it frequently. On the other hand, we clean the places that have a lot of negative impact on our lives. That tells us things that many people cannot notice.

In other words, empathic people have a role to do the necessary things for the minority that many people don’t realize.


Above are tips to find what only we can do for empathic people.

They might inspire us to find a contributable place with our individuality.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.