To Earn Money, This Cycle of Trends Might Tell Us the Next Opportunity

Recently, I have been reconstructing my thoughts by applying cycles. That makes it easier to find the opportunity. Today, I will introduce a cycle to earn money. Although this is part of the whole view, it might help us.

How to find a new place to earn

Sometimes, we want to find a new opportunity to earn because our income sometimes declines. Social changes or new trends often change the places where we can earn money easily.

However, we sometimes don’t know where to try next. That often keeps us in a declining industry, even if we get poorer. That creates fear, and the fear prevents us from trying new challenges. The negative cycles begin.

In such a case, the following cycle might help us find the next opportunity in the long term. I will introduce it below.

The cycle of trends in jobs

Our society has a cycle of trends where we can easily earn. It is as follows:

  1. (The most fundamental) Basic items for life: food, energy, clothes, daily necessities, furniture, items to sleep or rest, entertaining items, houses, etc.
  2. Basic tools to create the above items efficiently: cooking tools, sewing tools, crafting tools, woodworking tools, metalworking tools, housing tools, etc.
  3. Parts for small facilities to create the above items efficiently: Professional parts that small facilities or factories can apply.
  4. Parts for large-scale facilities to create the above items efficiently: Professional parts with higher precision or amounts to apply in large factories.
  5. Knowledge or information for the mass market to create the above items efficiently: Specialized individuals for the mass market, such as bloggers or YouTubers.
  6. (The highest level) Knowledge or information for the minor market to create the above items efficiently: The more specialized individual for the minor market.

The above occurs in a long-term cycle. After the end of the 6-Lifestyles, the trend returns to the 1-Basic items.

Where to contribute

Perhaps you can understand this easily. As the economy grows, the majority moves to a higher level because it is more efficient to create value. In other words, people have social booms in every era or every category of job.

That tells us the place where it is easier to earn. We can be ahead of the majority and provide them with our products. In other words, we keep riding on the rising wave.

Try checking out the successful people in your area by considering their age and the social trends at that time. Although there could be many exceptions, perhaps you can find that many successful people were on the trend.

In other words, it is hard to earn if we imitate the same industry as the old successful people because the trend has changed. We have to fit ourselves into current trends.

Strategies to contribute

There are some strategies to determine where to contribute, as follows:

  • The more creative we are, the more being ahead of the trend will be advantageous because there is more room to apply creativity.
  • The more our products are for the minority, the more we can earn in the long term, although it is less profitable.
  • Helping weak people tends to be a minor industry, but it gives us mental fulfillment, especially if we have empathic natures.

We can adjust the above to our liking.

The foresight into the future

This cycle gives us foresight into the future. For example, worldwide speaking, now might be the middle of the 6-Knowledge or information for the minor market. After the boom of employment in a large company, people gradually came to value individual activities in knowledge or informative areas, such as bloggers, e-book writers, or YouTubers.

Now, they are declining, and people are trying to survive in the minor areas with the support of AI.

Then, we can expect that the next boom will occur in 1-Basic items. Some farmers began to earn more money these years, while others were on strike. Good sleep goods also started to sell well. Those new trends might tell us about the coming cycle.

Of course, it is not the traditional way. We will add some creativity to bring that industry to new levels.

Many people forget how fundamental 1-Basic items or 2-Basic tools are. In other words, opportunities are in those areas. There would be room to be creative in those areas. In my experience, there were many creative opportunities in fermentation or creating tastes.


Above is the cycle model for earning money.

Although this is part of the whole picture, it might help us find the next opportunity.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.