I Fixed a Problem With the Contact Form. Then, Talking About Learning a Second Language

Today is an announcement about the contact form and an answer about my way to learn a second language.

I fixed the contact form

First, an announcement. As the title says, I fixed a problem with this blog’s contact form (this page). It didn’t work when you were visiting from outside Japan, the country where the server was located.

I did not notice it over a year after starting this blog.

If you tried to send me messages and failed in the past, I am so sorry. Now, it works correctly, so if you want to ask or notify me of something, please use the form.

A question: where to start using a second language

Several days ago, a creation companion of mine asked me about the second language. I will answer it today here.

She wanted to try something new. That seemed to make her determined to share her wisdom in English. It was a challenge for her because her mother tongue is another language.

However, she had several troubles, such as how well to use the language, what wisdom to share, where to start, and when to start sharing.

That was why she asked me. I am also not a native English speaker and have started to use it these years, so she wanted to know my experience.

The heart-moving experience with a second language

Sometimes, we want a second language like that. Of course, we can use a translator or such apps. These apps are also easy ways, but a second language gives us more impressive experiences in another culture.

Imagine when we understand the words in another city. We can read it directly. Imagine when we can communicate with people who have not been able to communicate until now. Moreover, imagine when we can help weak people we have not known.

Those experiences give us the feeling that our world has expanded. Sometimes, we feel gratitude when we meet certain kinds of people. They don’t have a fortunate environment. On the other hand, we have had it without any effort. At such times, we feel like sharing our fortune with joy. That may be one of the most heart-moving moments in our lives.

Why I don’t rely on the translator apps

That is why I don’t rely on the translator apps. Assume that there is a crying little boy or girl. We can hear his sadness or misfortune, but he speaks another language.

In such times, we can choose two ways. One is listening to his voice through an AI-generated monotone voice and talking through that generated voice. The other is listening to him directly with his direct emotions and encouraging him with our honest words and empathic emotions. Perhaps there is a big difference between them.

If we are empathic people and with such weak, crying people, perhaps we naturally want to use their language without relying on apps, even if our words are poor. That drives us to learn the language sincerely.

Of course, I use a grammar checker to write this blog, but other than that, I write in my own words.

Where to begin the second language

In such a case, sharing our wisdom in a second language would be a good way because we can please people in other environments. That allows us to learn it with joy.

However, we sometimes don’t know where to begin, such as the person above who asked me. I will answer it with my case.

My case about a second language

The following is my answer. One way is to decide what you want to share first. That would tell us how well we have to use the language.

In my case, my second language is English. I understood that I didn’t need to be fluent because I just wanted to explain my logic to help people who wished to change their lives. I didn’t intend to write literature that required various expressions. All I need to do is tell simple, easy-to-understand logic, such as research papers.

Many English teachers might teach us, “When you use English, you avoid continuous similar expressions or words.” Of course, that might be essential when we want to write literature, but we don’t need it in research papers. Simple words are enough for me.

That understanding made me relax and allowed me to get started.

An example of a painter

Let me introduce another case. I know a Korean painter. He uses three languages: Korean, English, and Japanese.

However, his English and Japanese are poor. Despite that, he and his many followers don’t care because his products are beautiful drawings. The followers try to listen to and understand his words, even if he uses a poor second or third language.

Above is why deciding what you want to share first would be a good idea. The person who asked me above seems to have many things to share, such as spiritual things or life. Perhaps that wisdom or will of hers will help her.


Anyway, I fixed the issue with this blog’s contact form.

If you want to ask or notify me of something, please use the form.

If I can answer the question, I will answer it in this blog, like this article. I often cannot reply directly, so I am sorry if that is the case.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.