When You Are Despaired by the Feeling of “All Doors Closed,” This Way of Thinking Might Encourage You

Several days ago, I saw a documentary video. In the video, a young man was despaired by his limitations. That made him feel like “all doors closed.” Today, I will talk about a way of thinking that might encourage such depressed people.

A young man in the war zone

I saw a documentary video several days ago, as I mentioned above. That video introduced civilians in a war zone in the Middle East.

The young man was one of them. He seemed to be 18 to 20 years old. He wanted something he could devote himself to, but it was hard to find due to the war. The war restricted their lives a lot. Many people lived with international aid because the war had destroyed the infrastructure.

That made him start acrobat. Perhaps he wanted to use his body. In addition, there were many sands in that area. That was suitable as a cushion, so it was easy to practice.

He performed his acrobats for children in that area. Many children seemed fascinated by him because there was no entertainment.

However, he was despaired because he had limitations in his living area. He could not make money from it. He wanted to get outside the area, but it was impossible because the enemy country and the sea surrounded them. In other words, all doors had closed. That sometimes drove him to desperate performances.

The video was such a documentary.

How to deal with the situation of “all doors closed”

Sometimes, we despair over the situation of “all doors closed.” Not only the living area, but there could also be many limits on resources, such as money, time, skills, health, mental problems, or bad surroundings.

In such a situation, this way of thinking might encourage us: That is a sign that we are in the process of growing, so that is fine. We can keep trying to progress. That will bring us the possibility of breaking through someday.

It is proof of our growth

If we keep growing, we will inevitably reach some limits. It means proof of our growth or progress in our lives. If we do not grow or progress in our lives, we never have limitations because all we have to do is repeat the same thing as yesterday, even if the environment changes.

From the other perspective, only people who wish to improve can have the state of “all doors closed.” It is a good sign on the way to improving.

We can allow ourselves to struggle in such a situation. “Struggle” means searching for another path instead of the main route. We sometimes have to change our direction in the short term to accomplish our ideal life. That is also part of our improvement. In other words, denying struggles means denying improvement.

Keeping those desires to break through

It is okay if we have strong desires. Sometimes, we might feel, “I should not have had a dream. If so, I never had hurt”, but it also means living while dead. Our desires give us the energy to struggle.

We do not have to despair, especially if we are empathic people. If we are empathic, the better we improve our lives, the happier we make others because we want to help others. The happiness of weak people becomes our happiness. Our desires will not be greedy as long as we are empathic.

In other words, it is okay if we keep walking. We are challengers against problems to help weak people. If we can walk towards our ideals, we can keep walking. If we reach the limit of the path, we can keep trying something new and avoid repeating the same thing as yesterday. That will bring us a new way to break through someday, even if it is a small step.

Life is a long game. We do not have to hurry up. Rushing to instant achievements often makes things worse. Sometimes, waiting for several years changes our environment dramatically. We are living in a socially varying period. That could also bring us opportunities.

Finding a possibility changes our lives dramatically the moment we find it. It might be tomorrow or several hours later.

After we find and accomplish it, we can share it with people with similar problems. They will be happy. That is the time we become heroes for them.


Sometimes, we are despaired with a situation of “all doors closed,” but that is a sign that we are in the process of growing. We do not have to despair.

We can keep walking or trying something new. That will bring us the possibility of breaking through someday. It might be tomorrow or several hours later.

This way of thinking might encourage us.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.