The Process of Solving Problems, Creativity, and the Story—Perhaps They Are the Same Thing

Several days ago, I released the newest product, the story tarot. This is a tool for idea creation. So today, I will talk about why I created it. And why it works for not only self-analysis but also for story creation.

How to solve our problems

Sometimes, we want to solve our problems. We often have problems, such as worries, anxieties, disgusting things to do, or a lack of relaxation.

We don’t know how to deal with them. A problem means something we don’t know how to deal with. If we know it, it will not be a problem. In other words, there is something wrong with our way. We need to give up our current way, in part or whole.

But it is often hard to give up our way of solving problems because we don’t want our efforts to be meaningless. That sometimes prevents our changes and keeps us stagnated in the current situation.

In such a situation, the way of thinking in my new product, the story tarot, might help us. That tells us the efforts we made would not be meaningless. In addition, it will give us creativity to resolve our problems.

Our current efforts can be meaningful

Try reading the explanation of each card of the story tarot. We will find a common structure: the hero tries to do things that don’t resolve the problem at first. In other words, the hero takes the wrong way to solve his problem. But those efforts will not be meaningless. These efforts lead the hero to solve another problem.

This is the key to changing our lives. If we change our ways, we feel that our efforts will be meaningless. But they will solve another problem. If we understand that our efforts will not be wasted, we can relax and let go of our current ways. That leads us to another, more effective solution.

From a different perspective, that is a creative way.

“Creativity” means finding another way. For example, little stones around us are usually worthless. But we could use them in other ways, such as for weights, a landmark of something, playing marbles, or drawing tools on the ground. If we find them, these “worthless things” turn valuable. That process is creativity.

Our efforts are the same as the little stones. If we are creative enough, we can make all the efforts we have made in the past meaningful. They could be meaningful in the future.

Knowing the story of our lives

So, it is okay if we give up something. It will not be meaningless. That understanding allows us to change our direction.

After we solve many problems, we will know that it is the process of solving problems. We can experience many ways to solve problems. The amount of experience will increase our creativity.

In other words, we can find many meanings in our experiences. Then, we will understand the meaning of our lives. From another perspective, we will know the story of our lives. It will allow us to live energetically.

That was the motivation for creating my new product, the story tarot.


So, the three elements—the process of solving problems, creativity, and the story—would be the same thing.

The efforts we made would not be meaningless. We can use it for another problem.

This way of thinking in my new product, the story tarot, might help us to resolve our problems and change our future.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.