Mentors, Companions, and Followers: 3 Elements of a Good Environment

I have talked about our motivation in recent articles. Today, I will explain what is a “good environment.” This knowledge might inspire us to create a better environment.

The three energy sources that change our lives

I have talked a lot about the following topic: how to stop being patient and live comfortably. We sometimes have a lot of disgusting things to do, such as exhausting work, dealing with people we don’t like, or circumstances that make it hard to live freely. So, we want to change our lives.

First, I summarize my way of thinking here. To change our lives, we can use three energy sources, as follows:

  • Environment: It gives us a longer-term, long-lasting power to change. It carries us to an ideal future without effort or motivation.
  • Motivation: It gives us the middle-term, balanced power to change. And it carries us to our goals with excitement or changes environments effortlessly.
  • Patience: It gives us a short-term, high power to change. It gives us powerful energy to do various things without motivation or a good environment. But it usually will not last long.

If we want to stop being patient, it is better to find a good environment. A good environment is like a sea current. It carries us to our ideal future slowly but surely, even without effort.

So today, I will introduce the three elements of a good environment.

The three elements of a good environment

In my opinion, a “good environment” has three elements, as follows:

  • Good mentors: They give us a long-term direction to live. Although they don’t give us a detailed solution, we can relax when we find we are heading in that direction.
  • Good companions: They give us middle-term motivation. We can encourage each other, even if we have different tastes and fields.
  • Good followers (our fans): They give us short-term patience. We can endure hard work if we feel we can provide them with pleasure or happiness.

We can see that it has a similar structure to our energy sources.

If we confuse them, we can get neither long-term relaxation nor short-term patience. Mentors usually don’t teach us how to be patient with short-term troubles. They show us how to live. And our followers don’t teach us how to live. We tell them it through our lives or products.

Perhaps you know people who are confused with them or biased. For example, someone who wants only a lot of followers. They try to be patient to get a lot of followers. But they don’t have a direction in life. So, it looks unreliable from a long-term perspective.

How to find a good environment

To find a good environment, try saying ourselves as follows:

  • What kind of person (people) do I want to emulate? They would be our mentors. It is OK if they are people we have never met, such as historical people or characters in the stories. And it is also OK, even if their way of life doesn’t fit us perfectly. As far as we can take a long-term direction, no problem.
  • What kind of person (people) do I want to talk to about our dreams and futures? They would be our companions.
  • What kind of person (people) do I want to encourage through our lives or products? They would be our followers.

And the closer we feel them, the more we are in a good environment. The number or amount doesn’t matter. The feeling of “being together” matters.

They give us the energy to create our futures

And if we feel them closer, we can get high energy effortlessly.

For example, if we hesitate to make a decision, we can calm down and decide when we find the way of life of our mentors. “Perhaps he would do this.” Such an imagination will give us relaxation and the courage to decide.

When we lose motivation, we can encourage each other with our companions. That encouragement gives energy not only to them but also to ourselves.

When we want to overcome a short-term failure, we can imagine the happiness of our followers with our products. That will give us the patience to endure the hard times.

They turn painful troubles into joyful experiences. So, we feel “effortlessly.” Troubles are always there. But our feelings change. That is the power of the environment.

And if you already have such a good environment, your future will be great. A good current connects to a greater current in the future. As you make decisions, your life will be easier, even if you still have many troubles now. So, don’t hesitate to make your decision.

The bottom line

So, in my opinion, there are three elements of a good environment: mentors, companions, and followers.

The closer we feel them, the more we are in a good environment. It is OK, even if they are still imaginary people now. They will give us the energy to change our lives.

If we understand this, we might be able to create our future effortlessly.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.