Does Patience Make Our Lives Better?

Let’s talk about our lifestyles. I think that long-term patience is not necessary in our lives.

Is patience important?

One day, someone tweeted, “I have to be patient.” He seemed to have problems with human relations in his work.

Perhaps we often feel so. There are many troubles, not only in human relations but also in our lifestyles. And without patience, we will easily ruin our lives. So people often say, “Patience is important.”

But is it true? To be honest, I don’t like patience. I am also not good at patience. I want to live my life freely. And we know that we sometimes ruin our lives by being too patient because we cannot live our lives.

I think there is good patience and bad patience. So today, I’ll talk about what kind of patience is unnecessary for us.

What is true patience?

My opinion is simple. I think that long-term patience doesn’t make our lives better.

Essentially, patience is meant to improve our lives in the long term. So we try to be patient, even if we don’t like it. And if we are more patient, our lives will be better day by day or month by month. It makes our lives happier and more comfortable. It is rewarding. So we willingly want to be more patient.

In other words, if we are properly patient, we will be comfortable with less patience in the long term. Proper patience reduces the necessity of patience.

But if it gets worse in the long term, we cannot say it is “patience.” We can call it the “wrong belief.” Perhaps that was brought to us by our parents or surroundings. Sometimes that’s true for them. But sometimes, it doesn’t apply to us, especially if we have different characteristics.


So I think that long-term patience is not necessary in our lives. It’s not patience. It’s just the wrong belief. True patience gives us happy and comfortable lives.

If we understand this logic, we might be able to live more comfortable lives in the long term.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.