I’m Making a Lot of Kimchi Because I Had No Choice but to Do It…

Now I’m making a lot of kimchi. And that made it difficult for me to write today’s article longer. So let me talk about what happened to me these two days. Today’s article entirely doesn’t matter.

A box of Napa cabbage

Two days ago, I found extremely affordable vegetables in the vegetable shop near my house. That was a box of Napa cabbage (Hakusai cabbage). That was almost free because these are almost sprouting, although still fresh. In addition, few people buy them because now is the end of the season for winter Napa cabbage in my area.

These looked a little too much for me. If I used to, I would say, “I cannot buy them because I cannot consume them, no matter how cheap they are.”

But I bought it this time! Because I have learned fermentation these days!

Fermentation is a food processing method to preserve food using bacteria. For example, yogurt may be the most famous fermented food. There are also other fermented foods, such as cheese, vinegar, soy sources, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, and Japanese Natto. Thanks to good bacteria, we can preserve them longer.

But it was too much!

And I have succeeded in making my sauerkraut these days. After several failures to make it, I finally made it perfect and tasty. By the way, I am also trying to make fruit vinegar. I’m trying fermenting foods these days.

I was fascinated and had come to have confidence. So as I mentioned above, I bought that cabbage! Only 3 cabbages in the box!

But… after I had arrived home, I realized it. It was no doubt too much! When I looked in the shop, it didn’t look like a big box. But after I carried it to my house, I noticed that each cabbage was huge!

I think that we sometimes have such sensory misunderstandings. It doesn’t look so big in open places, but it feels huge in our house or room.


So I’m making a lot of kimchi. I was able to make sauerkraut again, but I wanted to try new things. I made kimchi for the first time.

Having said that, I think that these failures are also fun for creating. Successes and failures are both interesting. And I feel no loss because I got them almost for free. That makes my fun of trial and error maximum.

By the way, my kimchi is white because I am not good with hot chilis. Anyway, I hope I can eat delicious kimchi shortly.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.